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Welcome to week one of the NexGen coaching blog. Every two weeks we will be bringing you a short post about a different topic of aspect of triathlon. This weeks topic is going to cover Nutrition.

Nutrition is something that most triathletes over look. Many are great at getting the swimming, biking, and running done but forgot the fourth discipline which is nutrition and fueling. Today we want to focus on nutrition with it comes to the biking portion. There are a few general things to look out for. The first thing is when you are working out easy and up to an hour in duration it is ok to have a bottle of water with some electrolytes in it such as Nuun or Precision Hydration. When it is an easy session you want to make sure to hydrate but do not need to worry about too many calories. When you start to ride for longer durations and start to add intensity this is where calories and carbohydrates start to become important. When biking you want to try to get in between 300-400 calories per hour and around 80-100 grams of carbs. Keep in mind these are general numbers that we have found to work for the general athlete, but each athlete is different. You may need more or less and this is where working with a coach or a professional in this space can help you fully dial it in! Stay tuned for the next blog.

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